Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kurt Morrow - Ventura Motorworks

I was out in Ventura today.  Drove up there to see Kurt Morrow.  I was introduced to him a few years back at the Born Free 2 show by Alan Braff.  Alan had his Triumph worked on by Kurt and told me I should come down and shoot with him.  Well finally after a few years of wanting to shoot with Kurt I finally made my way down there.  I shot a few bikes he had at the shop and plan to edit photos this week. Stay tuned.

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Irish Rich said...

About the only time I get to see Kurt and Ron is when I come out for David Mann, which I couldn't this year.

Kurt does some really nice bikes, and I sure hope you took a lot of detail shots, because his bikes are loaded with one-off stuff that the more you look, the more you see.