Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kenny Brown and Handmade Wood Surfboard Fins

Made a quick drive down to Kenny Brown's wood shop in LA.  I was there to take photos of him making wood fins for a custom surfboard shaped by legendary South Bay Surfboard shaper, Hap Jacobs.  

Hap Jacobs

Dale Velzy

The final cut pieces ready for glue.

Kenny glueing the pieces together.

Kenny Brown with one of the finished fins.

Kenny Brown and V.P. of Body Glove, Billy Meistrell.

One of the finished fins.

Jig for cutting the diamond inset.

It was all about multiple pass and shaving a little off the edges to get the tight fit around the diamond cut piece in the pattern.  Going to Mangelli's in the South Bay to shoot photos of the board getting glassed. These boards are gonna look sweet when done.

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