Thursday, June 20, 2013

RIP Bob Meistell

This past Sunday I was on the road to Las Vegas with my co worker to go set up our booth at a tradeshow.  Matt and I were talking about work and life in general having a pretty good time as we drove down the 15 Fwy.  Minutes before we hit Barstow I checked my phone on got some horrible news.  Robbie Meistrell, son of Bob Meistrell, said his dad had just passed away 90 mins ago.  Matt and I pulled in to a parking lot just shocked and silent for minutes not knowing what to do.  Bob and his family were in Catalina for the Rock to Rock paddleboard race and Bob was the lead boat as always escorting the racers out of Catalina.  The Disappearance, Bob's beloved boat, suffered double engine failure.  He said that never has happened before.  While down in the engine room trying to get the boat going again, he suffered a heart attack.  Relatives, nephews, his son and then lifeguards all did CPR for 2 hours trying to bring him back.  It has been an emotional roller coaster these last few days, but glad I got to spend them with both Robbie and Billy (Bob's Nephew) in Vegas.  The pain is still there for them and will be for awhile but I think it was good for them to get away from it all for a little bit.  Bob was the co founder of Body Glove and Dive N Surf with his twin brother Bill.  I am fortunate and honored that I was able to work for Bob and be part of his family for almost 19 years.  I will miss the random breaks at work to go diving off his boat or hear his incredible stories and most of all his laughter.  Bob worked hard to build the empire of Body Glove to fund the lifestyle he grew up to love. Being out on the ocean.  RIP Bob Meistrell.  You will be sorely missed but glad you passed away doing what you loved on the Disappearance.  I am sure you and Bill are back together laughing and talking stories like the good ol days. Body Glove and Dive N Surf are in good hands and will carry on your legacy.

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