Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coby Gewertz's 63 Ford Econoline "VANGO"

After about 2 years of trying to get together and shoot Coby's Econoline Van, we finally hooked up and got it done.  Coby Gewertz is a talented graphic designer that is the driving force behind "Church". Check out his site to buy his amazing books, prints and apparel.  I showed up at his house late afternoon and took a cruise around Redondo Beach for a bit before pulling up on a empty lot across from my office building.  We were there for little over an hour and in between takes we had seen a guy literally dump shit into the Dirt Lot close to us and then as we wrapped up we got verbally (well actually Coby got verbally abuse and threatened) by Redondo Beach Police department.  Guess they had nothing better to do.  

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