Monday, February 16, 2015

Body Glove Hawaii 2015

I was out on the North Shore of Oahu a few weeks back for 10 days shooting photos for work.  Here are some the excerpts from the trip.
 One morning session after waiting a while Alex Gray snagged a sick barrel at Off The Wall.

Anthony Walsh hitting the eject button. Off The Wall.

Cheyne Magnusson making some Poke for the Friday Night Party.

Retailers, team riders and the Body Glove work crew hanging out and enjoying the Friday night food and drinks.

Night shot of the house's backyard.

Nate Yeomans, Tika Smith and Justin Quirk.

Big wave charger, Garret MacNamara and BG VP of Marketing, Scott Daley.

Groms checking the surf.

Brayden Taylor.

Cheyne Magnusson taking one for da boys.

SUP Mo Freites.

Jamie O'Brien hitting the bottom turn.

Jamie O'Brien in front of his house.

Jamie O'Brien and Stanley Matsumoto.

Mason Ho placed second at the Volcom Pipe Pro with John John Florence taking first.

Tatiana Weston Webb.

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