Monday, November 24, 2008

The Old Man and his 56 Merc-Part 1

- Bill Edwards
When I was shooting John Edwards 52 Panhead I saw this beautiful 56 Mercury. John had told me it belonged to his Dad and that he got it in a trade. I asked John to ask his Dad if he would be interested in having me photograph it and a few weeks later John called me and said his Dad was into it. So I called Bill and set a date for the shoot. The following photos are the shots from that day.

A little bit about Bill Edwards
Bill works in construction and does concrete and brick work for a living. He also does beautiful stone work on homes. Bill got into surfing as a young kid. The way I like to say it, “Yeah I was involved in sports, I surfed in High School. If the sun was out and the weather was nice I was out there surfing Huntington.” My buddies just had old cars, some of them had hot rods, you know, something that we could shove the big 9 foot surfboards in. I had a 47 Chevy Panel, 49 Chevy Panel, half a dozen 55 Chevy’s, immaculate 58 Impala hard top and 57 Fords, all kinds of stuff.
In the mid 60’s he got a little involved with motorcycles.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2.

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