Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Old Man and his 56 Merc-Part 3

This Merc has a 312 V8 with tri power that I put on it. I got three old 94’s on it. It’s got a 3 speed standard stick transmission with an overdrive. Most of the Merc’s were automatics so the 3 speeds with the overdrive are rare. Not too rare, but kind of rare. I finished the interior; I also did the headliner and the side panels.
I cleaned it up a little bit, put skirts on it and put the right kind of caps on. Original 1956 Mercury caps are on the car now. It also has air bags and keyless entry.

The bumper is what you call a bumper/grill combination. This is more or less your stock version. It used to have two big knuckles, one on each side, and only three teeth. They took the knuckles off and it has nine teeth now. Everything has been shaved on the car such as doors, hood, bumpers, etc.

Tomorrow a few more pics of the car and Friday will be the last entry into this Week long showcase.  Bill will talk about it being a Medalist and how he feels about the car.

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gary griffin said...

sweet ride...great photographs!