Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Joyrides Showcase online

Check out the new Joyrides Showcase on the updated Joyrides Art Company website.  Our fourth installment features Denver Dan.  Also be sure to check the new photos in the "Gallery" section and don't forget to get your Joyrides Art Co swag at the Online store.


max schaaf said...

good piece.
i'm a johnny come lately compared to dan. his friends indirectly inspired me to build my first bike. but luckily built before the internet wave.
saw Dan once in Paso ride his bike like a maniac. always seemed like a stand up guy. thanks for the article.

Super71 said...

Dan is an uplift cool MOFO and has been since we were punk kids running it wild in the streets of Denver.I came to see Dan after 15yrs. apart in different states,he is still a cool fucker,and was a great California tour guide.Good write up, this guy is real and all of his buddies i felt were the same way.
MikeD-Cheap Thrills and Good Times