Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Street Chopper Magazine

Check out the new Street Chopper Magazine. Got a few friends in this one.

Ad I created for Top Shelf Customs in Huntington Beach, Ca.  I'm going there tonight to shoot 4 new bikes they built.  Top Shelf Customs is ready to update their website so we will be posting those photos up soon.  Check em out:
And also in the magazine is a bike my friend Irish Rich helped mentor/build this bike with his part timer: Steve Glennon.
Great story on the bike, Steve and Irish Rich.

Check out Shamrock Fabrication at
Irish Rich is also a die hard Colorado Av's fan so his team has been kicking the LA Kings ass all year so far.  Rich you guys are up on us 3-0 so far this season!!!!

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Irish Rich said...

Wow, Mark, that was totally unexpected. Thank you!