Monday, April 6, 2009

Building of a Rail

Later in the day the boys ran out and bought some wood and supplies to build a rail to ride.
So all the guys pitched in to help build it. Here's Rusty and James starting to measure and cut wood.
Daniel had the duty of screwing the pieces of wood together.
James was busy cutting pieces of wood.
It went pretty quick and they got things together.
It was a pretty tall rail.
The finished rail a couple of hours later.  Ready to be put in the water.
All the guys grabbed a post and carried it into the water.
It went pretty smooth getting it to the water.  In the water was a different story.
They inched it along and the rail slowly moved into place.
It almost tipped a couple of times and I thought it was going to twist in half and snap.

It finally tipped and was actually a good thing.  It floated so they just pushed it into place and then raised it back up.

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