Monday, April 20, 2009

My day with Irish Rich

Irish Rich came down this week with Steve from Colorado. They drove down earlier in the week and made their rounds.  I spent most of Sunday with them as they were coming from Huntington Beach and we went to the Stronghold Bike show in Venice.  We walked around the show and also ran into Pac Man and his brother Jason from by hand and by brain.
We all hung out for awhile in the blazing sun and finally took off.  Since Steve never saw the ocean without fog I took the coast way back to Long Beach and showed him Manhattan Beach.  Needless to say the beaches were packed.
Steve and Irish Rich
Scott from Chopper Town fame bike.  

Thanks Irish Rich for coming by. It was great to finally meet you in person.  I look forward to a trip down to Colorado so we can sit down and you can tell me all the glorious stories you have!  It was great to meet Steve too.  Very cool guy.  Look forward to seeing your bike when you ride it down for the 4th of July party.  Prove Rich wrong and show him you can ride it down and back to Colorado no problem! Have a safe drive back home and I'll talk to you soon.

Jason, it was very cool to meet you finally also.  Look forward to coming over and shooting some pics.  Try not to kill yourself racing Dustin on the freeways to work!  


By Hand and By Brain said...

sweet shots! you bet...

Irish Rich said...

Mark, it was a pleasure. Thank you so much for the hospitality, and the "gift bag".

Steve and I are looking forward to your trip out here, and we'll have some good sights planned out for you.