Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Shots

Not much going on lately so I thought I dig into the archives and pull something out worth looking at.
This is Luke Stedman at the Pipe Masters in Hawaii a few years back going over the falls. He was a little shaken up after this fall, but still went back out to finish his heat.

Mike Losness from San Clemente, Ca. Mike was surfing a spot in Torrance called "Burnouts." It was super windy that day but he still paddled out to get the shot.

Dion Aguis from Australia getting air at Rocky Point in Hawaii.
A shot of Cheyne Magnusson surfing in Japan a few years back when I flew down with the Body Glove Surf team.

This is Alex Gray at a beach break in Japan. Alex ran out into the surf right after this in the sumo suit and almost drowned. The ocean was really stormy and just dumping and sucking back out on the shore. He was getting sucked down and dumped on while trying to swim back in. While he was trying to swim in that sumo suit was filling up with water and starting to hold him down with all the shore pounds. It was deep too where the water was dumping on. So in order to survive he just ditched the whole suit and made it out. Meanwhile he came running up the beach butt ass naked.

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