Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Morning Surf

Was out shooting surf shots this morning down in Torrance Beach. Beginning of a new swell that's supposed to keep getting bigger up until Friday. Will be shooting more tomorrow morning as well as Friday.

Alex Gray
Matt Chernega

Matt Pagan


Ace said...

Mark those are great snaps.. but I'm gettin' pissed off. I live in the Great White North (Canada) and it's frickn' cold right now. Ridn' seasons all but over, surfin' in Oct. c'mon give me a break! Great site!

Mark said...

Hey Ace.

Get ready to get more pissed. The swell is increasing and the weather should be clear for the next few days. Water still warm too, but it should start droppin. Hey all the wetsuit companies got wetsuits that will keep you warm all year long. Shit Rip Curl has built in heaters in theirs! Glad you like the site.