Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paul Whitehurst Panhead

I shot Paul's Panhead and a few other bikes of his late last year for Guy over at Greasy Kulture Magazine. Guy asked me if I was interested in shooting Paul's bikes and I told him I was. So I gave Paul a call and turns out he lives about 10 minutes away from where I work. Which worked out perfect because I just took off from the office and headed out to his place. So after the shock of seeing all the goodies he has tucked away we got to talking about what he did. Turns out he's good friends with the owner of my company and used to work at our retail store years ago. I then started to remember a guy coming over to our office several years ago on a clean black Knucklehead. That was Paul. Super nice guy. Hope you enjoy his bikes that I shot in upcoming issues of Greasy Kulture Magazine. Here's the Panhead in the newest issue. We shot this up in Palos Verdes over looking Santa Monica and Malibu.

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