Monday, June 13, 2011

Born Free 3 Is Coming

Born Free 3 is fast approaching. Mike Davis and Grant Peters0n have worked their asses off to bring you another kick ass show. To remind everyone what was won at last years Born Free 2 show I'm posting pictures of the BF2 Panhead. If you think this was nice than you need to get tickets to win the Knucklehead. The boys and Garage Co. have stepped it up. Go to the Born Free blog for all information regarding the show. Click here. I will be there with a booth selling product and books. So be sure to stop by and say hello and buy some stuff. Looking forward to the show as I know it will be another big hit of the summer if not the year.

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Jason said...

Hey buddy-WOW,I neither have a bike for the show nor to ride to the show-but I've touched a few that will be IN it and arrive under their own power. Maybe I should build a car? just saying.
Hows it going for you? I have a new garage/shed/shop/slum.
come see some time!