Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born Free 3

Born Free 3 was a great show. Perfect weather and no bad vibes. From a vendor's point of view it was a perfect day for us. Got to see a lot of people. Talk to new ones and just take in all the amazing bikes that rolled into the show. My brain was on overload from seeing so many great bikes I had the worst headache when I drove home. The guy who won the Born Free Knucklehead built by Garage Co. was trilled he won the bike. But his wife was way more excited and happy for him. It was good to see. You know that bike is going to get ridden and he is going to ride it with pride. A very special thanks goes out to Mike Davis and Grant Peterson. You guys did a great job and appreciate all your hard work you put into the show. You guys deserve a pat on the back and now get some rest. Proud to call you guys my friends. Check out the Born Free blog for pictures from the show and I'm sure other blogs will be flooded with pictures of their own. Born Free Blog Here.

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