Monday, April 12, 2010

73 FLH Shovelhead

These pics were sent in from Jeffery Goo down in Vegas. Here's a quick story on the 73 FLH Shovelhead his friend owns.
"We shot these photos north of the I15 fwy in Nevada. My friend Chopper Jay (Jason Martin) called me up and told me to meet him out there. His bike is a 73 FLH Shovelhead, 10" over on the springer, mid mount shift suicide cluth. The shifting lever is a Saber that actually pulls out, S&S stroker kit. His grandfather bought it in 74 and was featured in a biker mag back in 2000. After his grandfather had passed, Jay got the bike,rebuilt it and named it "Old Fucker."

Jeff drove out this past Saturday from Vegas to check out a Econoline show down at the Rose Bowl and stopped by Long Beach afterwards and we had lunch. Jeff rides a pretty cool Panhead that I want to shoot the next time I'm up in Vegas. It's a 51FL with a 47 Springer. His buddy Nate tells me that "Jeff is always working on it and changing something, but it's never down for long because Jeff loves to ride."

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Guy@GK said...

Yeah, that Pan's nice... clean and simple.