Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Viva Las Vegas 13 Weekend Part 2

We got up and out to the show around 7:30 in the morning to set up. We had a pretty good spot and the weather was perfect.
Ready for business.
I finally got to meet some of the people I submit work to. This is Barb, publisher Geno DiPol and Editor Alan Mayes of Car Kulture Deluxe and Ol Skool Rodz.
My two homies from Vegas, Nate and Jeff. It was great seeing the two. Jeff invited us to go out after the show for Hawaiian BBQ but we were too tired to do anything afterwards. Jeff we will have to catch up next time we are up there. Hopefully you two make it out for the Born Free show in June.
It was really cool to see people who visited our booth from two years ago at the last Viva show we were at and seek us out again to buy more stuff. This is Alexis and Robert. They got married at the last show and were back again. It was good to see them. Thank you guys for coming to see us.
Sorry about the photo. If you still want it let me know. We'll figure something out.
They just got married that day.
Young Joyrides Art Co. supporters.
Matt and Kevin also were at our booth the last time we were there. Thanks guys for the support.
Death Machine supporter.

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