Friday, March 25, 2011

Aaron Elliot-Salinas- Pt 4

After we were done with the shots of just the bike I wanted to get some riding shots so on the way back to Aaron's shop he pulled back into the lettuce fields and I just shot away of him tearing around in the dirt. Contrary to some of the comments on a message board, Aaron was really riding his bike hard and I didn't photoshop any effects to the photos. It was pretty funny to read what people dream up.

Anyways, it was a cool half day stop in Salinas that day. I was on my way home from shooting in Santa Cruz the past few days and I wanted to make a pit stop to see Cole and Aaron. Aaron is super talented and as always I appreciate Aaron and Cole spending some time with me so I can shoot their incredible machines.

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Jason said...

Rad Mark! It boggles my mind how the reality's of some are defined by the interweb.