Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday Night On The North Shore

Didn't get much done today on the North Shore. No waves, rain and clouds most of the day. We end the day with a bbq at Jamie O'Brien's house right on the beach looking out to Pipeline.
Sunset Beach on our way to Kahuku to buy food for the BBQ.
This gem of a poster is posted up in the window of the Kahuku Market.
Check that dude out. Yeah, Meth is bad. You think.
Back at Jamie's, Cheyne Magnusson goes out for a quick surf.
Sunset at Pipe.
Jamie set up a couple of fishing poles and paddled out and drop a line to catch some fish. Maybe about 30-40 minutes later the bell rung on the pole and they reeled in a shark. They threw him back and left the second pole in there for the rest of the night. They never caught a fish but they clotheslined some guy riding a ATV in the dark. He was riding in the dark holding a flashlight. Didn't see the line and just got ruined. Good food with some beer. Not a bad way to wrap up the night.

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One Speed: FAST said...

Nice shots, I didn't get an opportunity to see ANY surfing when I was down there. Those METH posters were EVERYWHERE, strange.