Monday, March 14, 2011

Christian Garcia-Los Angeles-New Project

The multi talented Christian Garcia was at it again this weekend. Here's what he had to say; "Buckled down this weekend and produced this painting on canvas, it goes like this. Screened a little, Sharpied a little, a little enamel, and some water color for the wash. All in all I'm good with it. Enjoy, it's up for grabs or up to be in a show of some kind and yes it will be framed. Cheers!" Interesed contact email is here:


Guy@GK said...

I paint a little bit (acrylics) and once used a Sharpie for some outlines... then found it showed through whatever colour paint I laid on top of it, however thick, however many layers.

Never again!

STILO71 said...

Guy you have to clear coat the canvas prior to and after you use the Sharpie that will help in controlling the bleed threw,and yes when using light based colors it can be difficult also but you can choose when to stop when you get your desired effect. Keep on painting,and remember some will hate and some will congratulate.Cheers