Monday, August 25, 2008

2nd Annual F.T.B. show trophy

When I was over at Denver Dan he pulled out this trophy and said this is his favorite trophy he ever got.  Here's the story behind the trophy as told by Denver Dan:

The quick story behind that trophy is this..... it was about 1994 or 95...The Blessing of the Cars had become a little to mainstream.....sanitized. There were also some issues with the promoters of the event and my old friends in The Shifters car club...(doing burnouts, donuts, etc...but its a hot rod show!!) so they decided to host their own event in Orange County, to be held on the same day...and to call it "Fuck The Blessing"
I believe it was the 2nd annual "F.T.B." and it was a really big turnout....the best part is that it was almost all friends/ friends of friends....all people who were really into the whole deal....good vibe great weather....anyway, when the awards went out I got the "Best Bike" award..which ruled on alot of levels....first it was oldstyle, a true "trophy" homemade, out of spare parts..(headlight mount bracket, spring, old m/c trophy top, etc) of the Shifters had put it together specifically for the best bike...secondly...of all the other bikes and people there (it being a close knit crew) I received the award.  Just a good day, fond memories with old friends...

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