Monday, August 18, 2008

Biggest Fish Ever

Just got back into town tonight from a weekend trip with the family for a little r&r. Drove up to Mammoth Mountain and did some fishing. We fished Saturday morning and caught 2 small trouts. Then went to Lake Mary later that day and got nothing. Went back to Convict Lake on Sunday morning and caught zero. Tried again Sunday night and still zero. We were leaving on Monday so we decided to try one more time in the morning and leave later that afternoon. When we got to Convict Lake around 8:30 the winds were howling. Like victory at sea out on the lake. I did expect much since it was so windy. So I got the poles set up with the powerbait white balls and dipped it into the powerball corn sauce!!! Threw the line out for my daughter and not less than 5 mins later she got a bite. I told her to reel it in and she was having the time of her life. (This was her first time fishing). I finally saw it close to shore and couldn't believe it. She hooked a big one!!!! I've never caught a fish that big at Mammoth or anywhere for that matter. A lady next to us had a tape measure and it measured 21" long. We stayed a little while longer and caught 3 more. Those were pretty much the standard size that was getting caught. We stopped at the bait store on the way out and had them weight it and they took my daughters picture with it. It ended up weighing 3 lbs 11 oz. Not bad at all. Made the whole trip worth while. What a way to spend a fishing trip with my daughter and wife on her first fishing trip ever. Enjoyed the clean mountain air, but now I'm back in the smog infested city.

Convict Lake-South Shore Side
The catch of the day.  Probably the biggest catch I'll ever see.

The other ones look like Sardines next to the catch of the day.

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