Monday, August 4, 2008

Photoshoot with Hugh Hefner's Girls

Spent the day on the Body Glove boat today with the girls from the reality TV show, "Girls Next Door". The three of them were finishing their scuba lessons in the open ocean. I was asked by my company to come along and shoot photos. So I shot some photos at Dive N Surf while they were shopping for gear and getting ready to go out on the boat. All three of them were pretty cool and actually really nice. So anyways we got on the boat and the "Playboy" photographer missed the boat so I was asked to shoot more photos and that they would use my shots for whatever they needed it for. I said no problem. A little while into the dive one of the crew members was on the phone with the producer or whatever and she explained to me that Hugh didn't want any other photographer shooting so they asked me to stop and put the camera away and to erase all the shots I had. So this is why I have no shots to post for you guys. One of the girls, Holly, did what we call body whomping. It's where you jump off the back deck and hold onto a rope and get dragged by the boat. She did this in a two piece bikini and was doing pretty well. Until her bottoms blew off and she had to grab them off her ankles while holding on with one hand. Again, no photos. Sorry. Look of the show to air sometime soon. I have no idea what channel cause I've never watched it.

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By Hand and By Brain said...

Ha- I would of done some body whomping!!LOL