Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taylor Schultz Paint

I had Taylor Schultz write down his thoughts and process on painting this 93" Shovelhead being built over at Top Shelf Customs. Here's what Taylor had to say:

"Whats up , well where do I start when it comes to Jack's bike. The best thing anyone can do when it comes to me painting their shit is don't tell me exactly what you want, and when it came to Jack, he did what i like people to do. Which is he said, "Run with it." I knew what style he liked, which is the style I like, inturn it makes you get into the paint job a lot easier. After the bodywork was done and primed, I used a black base with mini flake on top and cleared it, sanded it down, and then began with the fun stuff. Laying out the panels is most critical part, then I began doing the kandy fades with a iwata hp-c airbrush, unmasking as I went so the first fade was darker than the last, masked the tank pockets off and I put a couple coats of kandy oriental blue mixed with sg-100 inter coat clear, then un masked and cleared again , then sanded, sliver leafed portions, striped that with blue and violet and re cleared it again. All using house of kolor products with their uc-35 clear. All in all a pretty fun process.

To see more of Taylor's work go to his myspace site.

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